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Fact #001 [+]

Jimi Hendrix could play a solo using his teeth. Tony Iommi can do the same just by staring at his guitar.

Fact #002 [+]

What's the difference between Tony Iommi and the Devil ? Tony Iommi isn't afraid of the Devil.

Fact #003 [+]

Never say Tony Iommi's name three times in front of a mirror or else the ghosts of his severed fingers will appear to poke you for eternity.

Fact #004 [+]

The only material strong enough to make strings that could withstand Tony Iommi's playing at full power is hair from his own moustache.

Fact #005 [+]

Tony Iommi once played faster than Yngwie Malmsteen just by sneezing on his guitar.

Fact #006 [+]

Tony Iommi's riffs are the only known form of energy able to travel back in time. This is how dinosaurs disappeared.

Fact #007 [+]

Tony Iommi can play louder than MANOWAR with an acoustic guitar.

Fact #008 [+]

Tony Iommi is so cool scientists consider using him to stop global warming.

Fact #009 [+]

Tony Iommi didn't cry when Bambi's mother died.

Fact #010 [+]

How do you call Tony Iommi when he's angry ? You don't call him anything, you run.

Fact #011 [+]

Tony Iommi can play a solo without opening the guitar case.

Fact #012 [+]

How do you know Tony Iommi is playing in your city ? Your ears are bleeding.

Fact #013 [+]

Tony Iommi has already written all the riffs. Twice.

Fact #014 [+]

Tony Iommi is able to play every songs ever written... at the same time.

Fact #015 [+]

Tony Iommi let two of his fingers being cut off because becoming a guitar legend with ten fingers was just too easy.

Fact #016 [+]

When touring with BLACK SABBATH, Tony Iommi's amplifier has to be placed in another building during concerts, or else no one would hear what the other band members are playing and there's a good deal of chance everyone in the audience would die.

Fact #017 [+]

Sylvester Stallone didn't wear any makeup at the end of "Rocky". He had just told Tony Iommi moustaches are for sissies.

Fact #018 [+]

In an average living room, there are at least 17 objects on which Tony Iommi can play a guitar solo.

Fact #019 [+]

Tony Iommi has to be really careful when playing indoors venue, because if he lets himself go too much, they soon become outdoor venues.

Fact #020 [+]

God said : "Let There Be Light."
Chuck Norris answered : "Say please."
And Tony Iommi said : "Oh, shut up you both !"